Who We Are

At ermha365 the people we work with are often considered to be at the “tip of the mental health and mental disability iceberg”. As a result of their disability, they have some of the most complex needs and challenging behaviours, and are therefore the most in need of our support.

We are a lifeline for people who often feel like “a square peg in a round hole”. The people we work with tell us that they have experienced stigma and discrimination, and been ostracised or excluded from the simple things that most of us take for granted. Some have been warehoused in prison or hospital.

We believe it is a fundamental human right to live in the community – not in prison, or a locked hospital ward, just because there is nowhere else for you to go.

At ermha365 we believe in the potential of everyone. Originally established by a group of passionate carers living in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, concerned about the lack of support services for their loved ones who were experiencing a mental illness, ermha365 has expanded its services to include people living with a cognitive disability, and those with complex and challenging behaviours.

Today ermha365 is a company limited by guarantee operating across Victoria and the Northern Territory, with a vision to expand our services across Australia within a decade.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to be a unifying voice for people with mental disability, giving them the voice, choice and support to thrive in a vibrant supportive community.

Our Vision

Our vision is for progressive reform, advocating for all people living with a mental disability to be able to reach their personal potential.

Our mission

Our mission is to work side by side with the people we work with, providing them with the compassion, care, advocacy and support they need to live the lives they want within a supportive community.

Our values


First, last, always. Nothing is too important that we cannot do it safely. We take personal responsibility for the safety of ourselves and those around us.


How we treat other people matters.
We are honest with each other and in the work that we do.


We dare to be different. We grow our business in ways that makes us proud, as we bravely experiment, explore and develop new ways of doing things.


What we do, we do well. We acknowledge that good work takes time, and we always aim to be the best we can be.


We believe in people. We respect and amplify the consumer voice, and people are at the heart of everything we do.


We believe everyone has a right to live the life they choose. We all have a right to a good life that challenges and develops us, and to participate and be included.