Who We Are

Your Life Together

Ermha exists to support people to live life as they want to. We support people who are facing challenges resulting from a disability, mental illness, homelessness, or experiences of trauma or substance use. Ermha specialises in working with people who are facing many of these challenges at once, some of which are magnified by factors such as age and cultural and linguistic barriers.
Headquartered in Melbourne’s southeast, Ermha offers support to individuals, including carers, that is guided by their values, strengths and goals. Our services are designed to give clients more and better opportunities to build the resilience and independence they can use to realise their ambitions.


Our History

Ermha is one of Victoria’s primary Community mental health services with a 30-year history in the provision of high quality mental health support. We have supported thousands of people from all walks of life as they achieve their goals.
Ermha supports individuals and their families, offering a range of services including one-to-one support, service coordination, group activities, carer respite and support, and a suite of vocational and meaningful activity options.