ermha365 will be continuing to support our participants during the COVID-19 pandemic both directly and indirectly.

As an organisation delivering essential services for people with complex mental health and disabilities, we are committed to continuing to support people through this very difficult time. This is to advise all of our stakeholders of the strategies we are putting in place, the safety measures we are employing and what we have starting doing with our current participants.


Mental health and community services

All clinical and NGO state funded mental health services are considered essential services and at this time, even more than ever, the provision of mental health treatment and care to consumers and families/carers is imperative. In line with this, all workforce roles currently employed within services are considered essential valued roles.

With the full support of the State Government, we have moved a number of our community based Mental Health Services to a telehealth model of care. We are now providing direct support through telephone, video and virtual support groups for people with mental illness in the community. Our support includes helping people understand COVID-19, what to do and how we can help them, as well as strategies to maintain good mental health in this time of crisis and uncertainty. In addition our staff will support vulnerable people who are self-isolating to access home deliveries for food and emergency relief, including basic food and sanitary items for participants that are struggling. For people with the most complex functional support needs, the ermha365 team will continue to provide face to face support.

Support being delivered by telehealth include:
• Mental health support and referral services
• Mental health brief interventions, on line groups and individual supports
• Support for carers
• Support for people living in SRS accommodation
• Support for rough sleepers and people at risk of homelessness


NDIS services

ermha365 considers our NDIS services supporting people with complex mental health and disabilities to be an essential service at this time. Now even more than ever, the provision of care to consumers and families/carers is imperative.

The ermha365 team continues to provide Supported Independent Living (SIL), Community services, Behaviour Support and Coordination of Support. We are working around the clock to ensure some of the most vulnerable people with disabilities are supported during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have developed individualised plans that are focused on what participants might require to keep them well though this health crisis, and we have prepared detailed work instructions for times when people in our care may become unwell.


Our Direct Support services are still fully operational and we are open for referrals

• Direct support will continue for ermha365 clients in the NDIS, including face to face support in their homes and in our 24/7 SIL programs
• A safety questionnaire will be completed prior to all direct support work to ascertain risk, before we “in reach” into a person’s home
• If our support workers become unwell or need to isolate, we will provide direct support by substituting an alternative worker
• Personal Protective equipment will be issued to our staff in all suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 where the person has been identified by medical practitioner and health services staff to be well enough to be cared for in their home.
• We will have capacity for all participant needs, and we are remaining open for new referrals


An option for NDIS clients to choose Telehealth Support

• New telephone / tele health support can be offered to our NDIS clients who would prefer to receive support in this way, or through a mix of face to face and telephone supports
• Normal support hours can be rapidly made available by phone or online as required by our participants
• We are willing and able to adjust supports rapidly at the request of our participants


Coordination of Support

• Coordination of Support will continue
• Our Coordination of Support service is still open for new referrals


Visitors to our services

It is noted that health services have begun to limit or cease leave for consumers in bed-based services to limit the risks of COVID-19 infection. We also note that special rules now apply to restrict entry into hospitals to limit the spread of COVID-19. ermha365 has strict visitor rules in place for all of our residential services. We ask all visitors to contact us before coming to any ermha365 residential service in the first instance.

To make any enquiries please call the ermha365 team on 1300 376 421