JobSET has a primary goal – helping people achieve sustained employment. JobSET (S-E-T stands for Support, Education and Training) is particularly useful for people experiencing mental illness or disability but anyone who experiences barriers to employment (for example young people and long-term unemployed people) can use JobSET.


With the help of JobSET’s Employment Specialist people choose the JobSET elements they want to use. This means JobSET is tailored to individual needs.

JobSET Features:

• A supportive skills-focused short course
• Trainers with experience in mental health and disability support
• JobSET’s Employment Specialist who can help you prepare for, find and maintain employment


Who is eligible to use the JobSET employment pathway?

The JobsSET employment pathway is open to people aged between 16 and 65 who face barriers to employment and are eager to find jobs in the open marketplace. Most participants will have experienced barriers to employment as a result of mental illness or disability.