Specialist Behaviour Support

At ermha365 we work with some of the most complex clients in Victoria.

We provide client-centred, evidence-based specialist behaviour support for people who experience a range of complex and high-risk presentations as a result of their disability and/or mental health condition.

Our specialist Behaviour Support Practitioners are highly skilled professionals who have expertise in supporting people with complex needs across a range of complex service systems.

– Intellectual disabilities/Cognitive impairments
– Developmental conditions
– Dual disability: co−occurring mental health and disability
– Mental health
– Personality disorders
– Forensic histories such as fire lighting, sexual and violent behaviours
– People with substance use histories
– Issues of self-harm and risk of death by misadventure.

ermha365 offers a range of clinical behaviour support services that reduce harmful, unwanted or concerning behaviours.

Our team can provide:

Functional Behaviour Assessments (FBA)

A Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA) is the process for determining and understanding the purpose, or function, of challenging behaviour. The assessment process involves the collection of data, observations and interviews with the individual and their key support people. Once the function of the behaviour has been identified, appropriate strategies are recommended to assist in improving the individual’s quality of life and minimising the behaviours of concern.

Behaviour Support Plan (BSP) implementation training / reflective practice

We understand that for BSPs to be effective, a continuity of care approach is required. This allows for the detailed understanding of an individual, their needs and their goals. Supervision is priority in providing evidence-based services that are both ethical and effective, regardless of the Practitioner’s experience level.

Behaviour Support Plan (BSP) development

Depending on the needs of the individual, we can develop an interim or comprehensive Behaviour Support Plan (BSP) when there is a need for immediate intervention to minimise the risk to the individual and others. A Comprehensive BSP is developed following completion of a Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA). It is informed by the FBA and identifies a range of individualised strategies to address the behaviours of concern and assist the client to achieve an improved quality of life.

Practice supervision

Practice Supervision ensures Practitioners regularly reflect upon their practice within a safe space to support their professional growth, and to maintain best practice service delivery to clients. To achieve this, we can deliver extensive, targeted and high-quality training to ensure all facets of the BSP are understood. We can also facilitate reflective practice to ensure our commitment to continuous professional improvement for the best outcomes is achieved.

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Specialist Behaviour Support Prospectus

Prospectus: Specialist Behaviour Support for Complex/High Risk Individuals

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