Mental health support in the Geelong community

Hive provides individual and group support to people to improve their mental well-being and connections with the community.

ermha365 commenced operating Hive in early 2021 (previously known as Mindworks) and is funded by Department of Health to provide the following mental health supports in the Geelong community:
– Individual support referral and advocacy
– Group support
– Group education and training
– Volunteer coordination

Practising skills that support wellbeing, such as gardening

Hive aims to provide an easily accessible and safe space for people to reconnect, learn new skills, develop healthy routines, and share lived experiences.

We support people, and their carers, to improve their mental health by:
– Connecting people with appropriate supports through referral and advocacy
– Focusing on the development of improved self-esteem and self-confidence to build resilience and empowering people to maintain their well-being
– Strengthening people’s individual networks to increase their knowledge, to adapt and learn new skills and share lived experiences
– Supporting people to identify their own strengths
– Developing and practising skills that support well-being and developing healthy routines
– Providing social opportunities and skills building to connect people with the community
– Offering opportunities to volunteer and build capacity to volunteer in the community

Mindfulness activity at HIVE
Hive logo: purpose, inclusion, connected

Who can access Hive?

Adults with a lived experience of mental illness are able to access Hive. 

How do I contact Hive?

Call Hive:

1300 376 421

Email Hive:

Where is Hive located?

284 Latrobe Terrace, Newtown, Victoria.

When is Hive open?

Hive runs these supports Monday to Friday.

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