Community Connect

Life’s challenges are easier to overcome when people have the right support.

Pathways supports people with complex needs living in low cost housing, or who are homeless. These challenges can affect important aspects of life such as:

– Independence
– A sense of belonging
– Mental and physical health
– Stable housing

Pathways can help you address your needs as you build your place in the community.

Pathways can support you to achieve:

– Increased independence
– Community access
– Improved physical and mental health
– Goal planning
– Secure sustainable housing
– Connections with other services

Pathways consists of four programs:

Community Connections

This program supports people who are in low cost accommodation or who are homeless. It works to actively connect people to health, housing and community services that will improve health and wellbeing and support social and recreational activities.

The program accepts referrals from a wide range of local services, self-referrals and also actively seek participants through assertive outreach.

Housing Support for the Aged Program (HSAP)

This program provides support to people aged over 50 with complex needs and a history of homelessness to access public or community housing. It supports people in making linkages to services that will improve health and wellbeing and support social and recreational activities. In doing this it will help to maintain accommodation long term.

This program accepts referrals from the Victorian Governments Office of Housing and local Community Housing agencies, we accept self-referrals and referrals from the Community Connections program.

Supporting Connections Program

This program supports people residing in SAVVI funded SRS facilities. SCP identify unmet client health needs and provide short term supports to individuals to access local community and health services.

This program accepts referrals from external services, the proprietors of SRS facilities or those that have been identified as requiring support by outreach workers of the program attending the facilities.

Mental Health Pathways

This program supports acute mental health patients with a history of homelessness who have no suitable accommodation at the time of discharge from hospital, by helping them to access appropriate accommodation and housing. It works in partnership with Wayss and Monash Health.

This program accepts referrals from Monash Health.

Pathways is best suited to you if you:

– Live in the City of Casey, Shire of Cardinia or the City of Greater Dandenong
– Are aged 18+
– Live in unstable or low cost accommodation, such as a rooming house, SRS or caravan park
– Are at risk of homelessness or experiencing homelessness
– Require support because of mental illness, disability, chronic health issues or substance use.

ermha365 does not provide housing. Please contact WAYSS for local crisis accommodation support.