Early Intervention Psychosocial Support Response (EIPSR)

Who is EIPSR?

EIPSR is designed for individuals receiving Adult Mental Health Services who do not qualify for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or who have experienced a delay or difficulty in accessing the NDIS.

The EIPSR team are committed to supporting people rediscover:

– Hope
– Empowerment
– Self-Responsibility
– A meaningful role in life

We understand that these 4 key principles play a crucial step in people’s recovery moving forward in life.

How does EIPSR work?

EIPSR works in partnership with your local Community Mental Health Team, offering psychosocial support for people living with a mental health condition. We will assist you with developing your individual goals tailored to support your recovery.

EIPSR is available for people who are receiving Case Management support from Community Mental Health team, residing in the Barwon geographical region, and who are 16 – 65 years of age.

ermha365 receives referrals for this service from Barwon Health.

Further information

For further information please contact your community mental health support team.

Recovery Group provides support for people living with a mental health condition
EIPSR assists you with developing  individual goals tailored to support your mental health and recovery.
ermha365 welcomes LGBTQI+, CALD, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We will collaborate with you and your local services and communities to assist with delivering sensitive and inclusive practice.