Residential Support – PARC

ermha365 Prevention and Recovery Care (PARC) facilities are located in South Yarra and Barwon.

ermha365 has been managing PARCs for almost 15 years, working hand-in-hand with our clinical mental health partners to make sure our PARCs address local needs and challenges. We set up the first women-only PARC in Victoria, and provide over 16,500 hours of programmed PARC activities each year, which includes specific, targeted one-on-one mental health recovery support. We celebrate PARCs, and the wonderful synergy and partnerships they create between clinical mental health, ermha365 staff and mental health consumers.

PARCS are short-stay facilities that provide 24 hour support to people who are experiencing a mental illness and whose symptoms are becoming more severe but who do not require hospitalisation. Conversely, we support people who have been discharged from hospital but who are not quite ready to live independently. In other words, we bridge the gap between home and hospital. Springvale PARC is women-only facility.

As well as round-the-clock support by ermha365 staff, clinical support is provided by Alfred Health and Barwon Health, our PARC partners. Each PARC service can support up to ten residents at a time. Resident’s rooms, each with ensuite, surround a shared living space that includes kitchen, dining and lounge areas.

Our PARC service can help residents achieve:

– Better daily routines
– Greater independence
– Stronger social skills
– More creativity
– A stronger sense of self-worth
– Relaxation strategies
– Relaxation techniques

PARC residents contribute to the daily running of the facilities by getting involved in shopping, cooking, cleaning and laundry duties. As well as putting structure and routine into daily life, these tasks provide residents with opportunities to get re-acquainted with the basics of independent living. They also offer residents the chance to interact with each other and PARC staff. People with a mental illness often experience social isolation so re-establishing social skills can make for a better return to home and community.

PARC residents are referred to us by their clinical support provider. For example, this might be a case manager, psychiatrist, key worker or other health professional.