Family & Carers

Carers established Ermha over 30 years ago and they remain a vital part of the organisation today. They hold positions on various advisory committees and help ensure that Ermha’s support programs continue to offer support of the highest quality.

Whenever possible Ermha makes it a priority to work with families and carers of the people we support. They are often the most vital members of the support team and their expertise can be invaluable as people plan for and work towards their goals. Support for carers also helps sustain the carer-care recipient relationship.

Two Ermha programs, Respite and Carer Vocational Support, are designed specifically for carers. Respite provides opportunities for carers and care recipients to take a rest from the caring relationship and learn new strategies that make the relationship work better. Carer Vocational Support exists to support carers as they explore study, volunteering and work options.