Podcast 02: Maintaining safe work

Client and worker safety is a priority in support work.

Things may happen unexpectedly but there are actions you can take to prepare for, and respond to, a situation and keep safe.

In this Skills for Support Workers podcast you will hear from experienced support workers with some practical tips for working safely. In this episode we will discuss:

– The importance of building rapport and relationships with clients (02:10)
– Assessing risks and safety plans (03:20)
– Strategies to keep you safe when a person becomes agitated (06:17)
– Working with your organisation to keep safe (07:30)
– What are safety plans? (09:14)
– Environmental risks to safety (10:30)
– Checking in with yourself before a shift (15.53)
– Reporting critical incidents (17:58).

Ellen, Trainer and Project Manager, ermha365
Teresa, Chief Operating Officer, ermha365
Bree, Trainer and Team Leader, ermha365
Lynn, Practice Leader, ermha365
Sarah, Support Worker, ermha365

This podcast series is part of the Developing the growing new NDIS (psychosocial disability) Workforce Project supported by the Victorian Government.