Podcast 05: Showing support for Rainbow Communities

Have you ever mis-gendered someone?

In this podcast, ermha365’s Jess will share some practical tips on how to show your support for Rainbow Communities and what to do when you don’t get it right. In this Skills for Support Workers episode we will discuss:

– Who are the Rainbow communities? (00:41)
– The high-risk issues facing Rainbow Communities (01:39)
– How support workers can respond respectfully to Rainbow communities (02:23)
– How to respond when you make a mistake (05:25 & 08:54)
– Factors to consider when supporting someone with trauma (06:12)
– Lateral discrimination (07:54)
– How to find further information and resources (09:26)

Ellen, Trainer and Project Manager, ermha365
Jess, Support Worker, ermha365

For further info:

This podcast series is part of the Developing the growing new NDIS (psychosocial disability) Workforce Project supported by the Victorian Government.