Podcast 07: What is Positive Behaviour Support?

Listen to how support work that is grounded in Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) can improve a person’s quality of life.

In this Skills for Support Workers episode we discuss:

– What is a positive behaviour support plan? (1:15)
– What information is included in a Behaviour Support Plan (BSP) (01:50 & 15:54)
– The roadmap the behaviour support plan describes (2:30)
– The purpose of behaviour support plans (2:55)
– Why someone might have a behaviour support plan (3:50)
– Who contributes to building a behaviour support plan (4:52)
– How to understand and remember the detail of the plan (9:30)
– The BSP and safety (10:44)
– How a support worker could initiate building a support plan (11:45)
– Callum’s perspective (16:45)

Ellen, Trainer and Project Manager, ermha365
Teresa, Chief Operating Officer, ermha365
Bree, Trainer and Team Leader, ermha365
Padraig, Behaviour Support Practitioner
Callum, Consumer at ermha365

This podcast series is part of the Developing the growing new NDIS (psychosocial disability) Workforce Project supported by the Victorian Government.