Podcast 09: Safety and Positive Behaviour Support

Do you know why people engage in behaviours of concern?

Perhaps their behaviour is concerning because they are at high risk of harm, or are particularly vulnerable. In this Safety and Positive Behaviour Support podcast, you will hear self-care and safety tips and strategies for complex and particularly challenging work.

In this episode we discuss:

– Safety considerations in behaviour support planning (01:25)
– The role of support workers in safety planning (02:10)
– Remembering the details of safety plans (03:39)
– The importance of recognising vulnerability (05:44)
– Things support workers can do to look after ourselves (08:05)
– Physical and mental health (10:25)
– Tips for self-care (12:15)

Ellen, Trainer and Project Manager, ermha365
Teresa, Chief Operating Officer, ermha365
Bree, Trainer and Team Leader, ermha365
Padraig, Behaviour Support Practitioner

This podcast series is part of the Developing the growing new NDIS (psychosocial disability) Workforce Project supported by the Victorian Government.