Podcast 10: What is recovery?

What is recovery? Translating this concept into practice can be a bit like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

In this What is recovery? episode we discuss:

– Tamara’s story of recovery (01:30)
– Recovery-oriented practice defined by Anthony (1993) from the US quoted within Australian Health Ministers 2003 (05:29)
– Capacity building (07:27)
– Exploring client goals and preferences (8:02)
– The miracle question (09:15)
– Non-judgemental practice (12.25)
– Challenges of goal setting (17:00)
– Goals can be flexible (18:00)
– Callum talks about his goals (19:29)

Ellen, Trainer and Project Manager, ermha365
Dr Melissa Petrakis, Senior Lecturer of Social work, Monash University
Tamara, Trainer,
Lynne, Practice Leader, ermha365
Callum, Consumer at ermha365

This podcast series is part of the Developing the growing new NDIS (psychosocial disability) Workforce Project supported by the Victorian Government.