ermha365 submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission’s investigation into current and emerging threats to trans and gender diverse human rights

Pride and Trans flag displayed against a blue sky.
Photo by Cecilie Bomstad on Unsplash
28 May 2024

ermha365 has prepared a submission addressing the Australian Human Rights Commission’s investigation into the ‘current and emerging threats to TGD human rights’.

As a provider of specialist services for people with multiple and complex mental health and disability (and their carers) we are deeply concerned about discrimination and stigma that impacts a people’s ability to live their best lives, find their purpose, a sense of belonging and a safe place in their community.

Social connection is one of the most influential factors in an individual’s quality of life.

Stigma and discrimination and lack of support to participate in society is a determinant of mental and physical health and ability to participate in community as an equal.

ermha365 is deeply concerned that the rights of transgender and gender diverse people are being negatively impacted and eroded because of the current climate of transphobic misinformation and disinformation on social media and through negative media commentary. ermha365 also observes that anti-trans discrimination and hate – online and in person – is causing significant psychological harm to trans and gender diverse people and exacerbating marginalisation.

The current climate of negative media and social media commentary and emboldened transphobia in Australia threatens to make it even harder for transgender and gender diverse people to access essential services including health care, mental health support, employment and housing.

We also share the concerns of our sector about the threat to accessibility of appropriate gender-affirming healthcare in Australia. In particular, services for young people are being scrutinised and put under pressure through misinformation, disinformation and blatant transphobia by organisations and politicians in Australia seeking to ban these services.

Read our full submission and listen to our Get Real Podcast episode “Why transgender and gender diverse inclusion matters” with guest Tara Laursen, ermha365 Chief Operations Officer.